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  • Oct

    Authenticity. What a weird word. What does it really mean? Yeah, I know… I means to be true to myself, to be honest, to be real. But, sometimes I'm not sure who, myself is…Sometimes I think I'm being honest but there's a deep deception working in my subconscious and I fool everyone, including me. And real?? Does that mean speaking whatever you think whenever you think it? Or acting however you feel, whenever you feel it? According to Charlie Sheen it does… But I hope he's wrong.

  • Oct

    "I'm gonna get up as soon as my alarm sounds."

    "I'm gonna eat less and exercise more."

    "I'm gonna be more selfless, patient and loving."

    How many times have you made statements like these? How'd that work out for ya?

    Easier said than done, right?

    MY CONFESSION: I try really hard to control myself but most often fail… What I want to do I do not do, but the things I hate are the very things I end up doing.

    Here's how the cycle goes for me…

    1st. The Statements (like above).

  • Oct

    I love the new community! I can't wait to see the guys on Winter Jam in Denver!