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  • Oct

    Blokes, Sheila's! G'day. Well, here we are! Time to hit ground running. It's been a really exciting season for us and we've got bunch to update you on.

    First off, how do you like this new website? Pretty brilliant eh!? This will be the center of all things fK&C from now on.. We'll be spending a stack of time here, posting pics, vids, blogs etc. So welcome & enjoy!

  • Oct

    The new website looks fantastic!!! :) So excited that "the world" if FINALLY getting to see and hear you guys after all these years! Love hearing when people "discover" this "new" band for King & Country for the first time! See you in Febuary in Council Bluffs, IA on Winter Jam! Can't wait!!!

    Talk to you soon,

  • Oct

    for KING & COUNTRY will be joining the Winter Jam Tour Spectacular for both the Fall 2011 tour and the Spring 2012 tour for the Pre-Jam Party!

    Admission is $10 at the door and tickets are not required.

    CLICK HERE for a list of tour dates and more information.

  • Oct

    Authenticity. What a weird word. What does it really mean? Yeah, I know… I means to be true to myself, to be honest, to be real. But, sometimes I'm not sure who, myself is…Sometimes I think I'm being honest but there's a deep deception working in my subconscious and I fool everyone, including me. And real?? Does that mean speaking whatever you think whenever you think it? Or acting however you feel, whenever you feel it? According to Charlie Sheen it does… But I hope he's wrong.